The pros & cons of Paid surveys

Surveys are not for everyone, but for most people, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. So you can decide for yourself. We have listed some of the top advantages and disadvantages of paid surveys here:

Pros of paid surveys250x250 The pros & cons of Paid surveys

 You can start making money immediately.

 No special skills needed.

 No costs involved for you.

 No obligations, take surveys when you want, how many you take, is up to you!

Cons of paid surveys

 Limited earning ability. Paid surveys are limited to the number of companies who want to pay for as well as whether you are the right type of person they want to survey or not. At the very most you will unlikely earn any more than $1,000 – $3,000 per month with surveys.
 They are not so interesting for some people.

Do all surveys offer money?

Most survey sites offer PayPal cash. However unfortunately, there are some who only offer gift cards or other incentives; this does not mean though that they are not worth joining. Just because there’s a point system, it does not mean that you can’t exchange your points for PayPal cash!

How to register to a Survey site

There are several steps you should consider when registering to a new survey company.

Step 1: Register a new e-mail address. It can help you keep organized and separate your survey communications from your own personal email. With outlook/live/Hotmail for example you can create an email with a separate inbox, which is accessed through the same login as your personal email. It also helps to ensure that you don’t miss any new survey offers before they all get taken up!

Step 2: Make sure you have a PayPal account, it’s the easiest and most common way of getting paid for your survey work. Go to PayPal and register if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Make sure you can receive their email communication. One of the most common reasons that users miss out on earnings with surveys is that their email provider perhaps blocks incoming emails from them. This isn’t because they are untrustworthy, but happens when email providers are “unsure” about a certain company. It can even happen with the most trusted of businesses!

Make sure to set their email address as trusted in your email account, so it’s not sent to your spam folder!

Also keep in mind that some survey sites can send messages from different e-mails addresses, for example from one e-mail, you can receive survey offers, from another to receive account messages or site news.

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